Our Pledge

Debt Free is dedicated to be the best debt settlement company and consumer credit counseling company by providing financial education and counseling to the public. We are committed to helping individuals payoff their unsecured debts. As a debt settlement and credit counseling organization dedicated to quality customer service, our financial advisers have helped hundreds of thousands of American families create an active plan to pay off their balances and start saving for the more important things in life.

Our position as a leader in the industry sets us apart:

    • Debt Free has worked with more than 50,000 creditors nationwide
    • Certified financial counselors
    • Advanced technology and online customer interface
    • Tens of thousands of satisfied customers nationwide

Debt Free has been involved in many special events, ranging from small fundraising projects to much larger educational credit and debt counseling programs. Our founders took note of the alarming growth in consumer debt which has led to an all-time high in personal bankruptcy filings in the United States.

Since inception, Debt Free’s credit counseling, debt settlement and debt management programs have grown dramatically. Debt Free has assisted tens of thousands of American families with their finances to help them save for the more important things in life: homes, children, education, and retirement. We believe we are the best debt settlement company out there, and offer a 100% guarantee.

Mission Statement
Debt Free provides the general public with easily accessible and affordable information, services, and programs to eliminate debt and encourage savings, helping our customers achieve and maintain financial freedom.