How It Works

If you’re committed to getting out of debt, we offer an active debt settlement plan or consumer credit counseling plan to pay off your enrolled account balances in five years or less. We work with creditors to seek reduced or eliminated interest rates, so more of your money goes to paying off principal.

  • Make one convenient monthly payment
  • Monthly automatic withdrawal option
  • No loan, no credit check
  • Plan to pay off all enrolled debt in five years or less
  • Toll-free customer service
  • Access to reduced or eliminated interest rates as offered by creditors
  • Clear, upfront terms
  • Consumer Debt Management Newsletter
  • Links to Educational Referral material provided by our Partners
  • References to Outside Agencies and Programs that may be of assistance

Plan Details

You begin by enrolling all the credit cards and other unsecured debts you want to pay off. We work with creditors to obtain reduced or eliminated interest rates, late fees, and penalties. We then use a formula to distribute your payments to your creditors, thereby maximizing the power of your money. Our consumer credit counseling and debt management experience provides individuals and families with a relief game plan to make the idea of living debt free not only a goal, but a reality.

Terms of the Plan

We believe in being honest and upfront with our customers. There are no hidden fees, no secret charges.

The terms of our credit counseling plan are:

  • Low monthly credit counseling and services fee
  • Enrolled debts paid off in five years or less

The terms of our debt settlement plan are:

  • Competitive debt settlement and servicing fees
  • Enrolled debts typically paid off in 18 to 36 months

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