I finally have a plan.

If you’re committed to getting out of debt, we offer a plan to pay off your unsecured balances in five years or less, so you can stop worrying and get on with life.

Debt Free’s debt management and consumer credit counselors are focused on helping people get out of debt, providing debt management, debt solutions, and financial education programs.  If you’re tired of the burden that credit card or other unsecured debt has brought into your life, find out how our debt management solutions can help you.  Check out our website or call our credit counselors and education professionals now and find out how you can be living Debt Free…Today!

Financial Education

Education is a key ingredient of Debt Free’s mission and your debt management plan.  Debt Free, with the help of its Educational Partners and several best-selling authors, has compiled a library of money management and personal finance materials.  By following the links on our website, you can obtain long range planning advice, suggestions for further debt management, informative financial articles, and personal finance tips. Or, feel free to contact our Financial Education Advisor by calling 1(800)997-2304.

What Our Plan Offers

  • One convenient monthly payment
  • Monthly automatic withdrawal option
  • No loan, no credit check
  • A plan to pay off enrolled debt in five years or less
  • Toll Free Customer Service
  • Access to reduced or eliminated interest rates as offered by creditors
  • Clear upfront terms
  • Consumer Debt Management Newsletter
  • Links to Educational Reference Material provided by our Partners
  • References to Outside Agencies and Programs that may be of assistance